House of the Dead remake gets the thumbs up for first and second games


Rewind back to 1996, enter an arcade full of claw machines and penny pushers, look around and you’re likely to spot a machine with a couple of light guns beside them. Place a coin of the required amount into the machine and you’ll immediately be immersed in The House of the Dead, or wait a couple of years for 1998 for The House of the Dead 2. If you’re old enough to remember these times, then you’ll definitely be ready for House of the Dead remake that’s just been confirmed!

The House of the Dead remake specifics

The original House of the Dead games were published under the Sega banner, but the House of the Dead remake of the first two games will be developed by the Forever Entertainment team behind the upcoming Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei remakes.

The original House of the Dead titles came to arcades, to begin with, but then surfaced for PC, the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast sometime later. For those not old enough to remember, the game relied on using a light-gun and some lightning-fast reactions as waves of mutants and zombies appeared on the screen. Players would need to shoot each enemy as they appeared to avoid the extinction of the human race.

Discussing the House of the Dead remake on Twitter, developer Forever entertainment had confirmed the necessary documents had been signed to move forward with making these games. Forever said “No platforms or release dates have been confirmed, and unfortunately we can’t say anything more for now,”

As it stands there’s no word on when the House of the Dead remake of both titles will be released, or whether Forever Entertainment plans to bring the game back to life with their own future-proof light-gun controller. Although that would be pretty awesome!

As more details unfold about the House of the Dead remake we’ll ensure this post is kept updated with any new information.

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