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Life Is Strange 2 Trailer Drops, But Details Are Still Thin Ahead Of Release

life is strange 2 trailer featured

With just under a couple of months to go until release we’ve found the details on the Life Is Strange sequel a little sparse, that is until the Life Is Strange 2 trailer came onto our radar.

For those attending Gamescom and packing their bags on the 20th August will want to watch out for the follow-up to the Life Is Strange 2 trailer – we’re talking about a Square Enix live broadcast where the worldwide reveal of the game will drop.

Check out the Life Is Strange 2 trailer below.

The Life Is Strange 2 trailer is good, but when is it released?

Good news for fans, the timing of the trailer and the broadcast on August 20th is decently on parr with the first of the 5 episodes launching on September 27th for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Square Enix wrote¬†“Experience an all-new¬†journey into the Life is Strange universe, that will establish Life is Strange as a diverse world of storytelling and solidify the franchise as a source of immersive narrative adventures for years to come,” To us, that sounds as if the’res room for many more Life Is Strange episodes to come.

Recently the developers of the Life Is Strange franchise release Captain Spirit; the free prequel to the Life Is Strange titles. Our own Kris Smith reviews it, decide for yourself whether you’d jump aboard!

Captain Spirit does feel a little like a stop-gap between the original Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange 2 releasing, but hey if fans love the concept then we’re all for the new concept.

We’ll keep you updated as details are released (hopefully on August 20th), pretty confident we’ll receive more on what the game will feature and how this franchise’s story will unfold as the episodes are released one by one.

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