Witcher 3 graphics mod gets an update making the game look even better!


Many will agree that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains one of the best RPG titles of the last ten years, and that’s down to its intriguing story and stunning graphical elements. Hands up, it came out four years ago so the graphics might not look as amazing as you’d hope, but all that can be perfected using the Witcher 3 graphics mod. The HD Reworked graphics mod from Nexus Mods completely revamps the graphics of the game, giving the existing visuals some real edge and sharpness as the developers intended it to look.

The existing Witcher 3 graphics mod updated

There was originally a Witcher 3 graphics mod which did a great job of retouching the Witcher 3 visuals, but this updated mod take things to a new level. Okay it might not bring the laughter that the Resident Evil 2 Remastered mod which showed Mr X in a thong, but this one certainly brings some welcome changes to The Witcher 3.

This updated mod brings changes that won’t rub off on your PC performance too much, that’s assuming your graphics card isn’t too ancient! You could potentially see a drop in FPS by around minus 5 if you use a card with 4GB of VRAM minimum according to the mod devs, and in some cases the Witcher 3 graphics mod has actually improved game performance.

The full name of the mod is The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project reborn, and breathe! This particular update to the mod isn’t the first, but the tenth instalment which aims to improve the appearance of the in-game environment. As you’ll see from the video below Witcher 3 graphics mod adds crisper details to aspects such as the deer that have been captured, brickwork on buildings, and even improved the realism of the grass terrain. The main man himself in addition to NPCs have also been improved, however many would argue they didn’t need too much updating.

CD Projekt Red’s next big title is going to be massive, Cyberpunk 2077-related mods in years to come could certainly be interesting to see.

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