The Division 2 Epic Game Store Release Deals A Blow To Steam

Division 2 Epic Games Store

It certainly looks like Epic is stepping up its game in an ongoing battle with Valve for sales of titles on PC, that is after it came to talks with Ubisoft to take down the sale of the Division 2 from Steam. the only way you’ll be able to play on PC is via a Division 2 Epic games store purchase.

Unfortunately this is going to mean The division 2, the successor to its AAA title is not going to be available on the Steam library to purchase like we’ve seen with ubi’s previous games lineups.

When is The Division 2 Epic games store release available?

Players will already be able to pre-order the title, but officially The Division 2 is not going to release until March 15th. Aside from a Division 2 Epic games Store purchase you’ll also be able to buy the game from the Ubisoft Uplay store.

the bad news for valve is that Ubisoft seem to be taking a similar stance with future release of their games, meaning the Epic store is going to be the place to go if you want any Ubi games for PC. Other than far Cry New dawn that is, which is a little too late on the radar as it’s already available for Pre-order for Steam users, with many already placing their pre-orders ahead of release.

So what’s the Epic games store?

Essentially the same guys behind the massively successful Fortnite launched the epic Games Store to provide developers a larger share of the overall sales profit than that is currently provided by the teams at valve, with games constantly being availble free of charge every two weeks since its confirmed store launch

the guys at valve are probably feeling the pinch with the Division 2 Epic game Store release predicted to shift a ton of copies from day one. Telltale’s the walking dead: The final season was made available via the Epic games Store for PC after Epic and Skybound signed a deal to enable the remaining episodes to come to PC>

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