Sea of thieves Release Date – Here’s What You’ll Get For Your Treasure

Sea of thieves Release Date featured

Good day, afternoon, evening or good night to you Star Struck gaming fans and welcome to a Sea of Thieves release date teaser.

Setting sail from the early days

I have been playing Sea of Thieves since its first early access when it was closely guarded and hidden Behind an NDA (non disclosure agreement). A time when you had unlimited cannon balls and bullets for your pistol and the only things available were treasure maps and attacking other people’s ships.

Over the months SOT has grown and grown from graphical improvements to chickens running around the islands and so much in between.

We have gone from basic treasure maps being purchased from the gold hoarders to maps being found in bottles in islands, to riddles you have to solve to get your booty.

Aaar it just keeps getting better!

Exploding barrels can be dropped in front of pursuing galleons or be really sneaky and climb aboard your pursuing vessel and place it on their deck, you can then jump off as your pirate ship mate fires off a well placed shot causing untold damage to the ship. This is made all the more fun using game chat when you can hear the other crew panicking who have no idea what’s just happened, all they now know is their ship is rapidly filling with water, and while they’re trying to sort that little problem you could always steal any chests they may have on board.

Cannons away!

Ship to ship battles are absolutely amazing from the whistle as a cannon ball zips past you, to satisfying musical chant indicating you have scored a hit on the enemy ship. Things ramp up to level 10 when you find your self in battle in the middle of what has to be the most amazing storm effects you are likely to see in a game, rain lashes down, your wheel fights you as you wrestle to keep control, your compass becomes useless as it spins out of control and lightening strikes your boat (trust me it’s as good as it sounds).

Ghost Forts were added to last final beta and produced some of the most incredible sea battles you will play on a while, marked by a floating skeleton cloud skull with flashing eyes In the sky skeletons man the cannon towers and are incredibly accurate. Cannon balls bombard you and any other ship that may have arrived to help you (this really is multiplayer at its finest). If you’re lucky enough to survive that you can then all charge the island and a battle with wave after wave of skeletons trying to get to the skeleton captain. picture this; 4 galleons trying to take the fort and 4 crews charge the island, you now have 16 individual players working together it’s brilliant to be involved in.

The tricky part after you defeat the fort is sharing the spoils, you could be hooked up with a decent group of gamers who will happily share the treasure chest and other various valuable trinkets or all hell will break loose as everyone turns on each other – either way it’s incredible fun.

Did someone say work together!?

Choose to sail alone or with another friend on a small sloop boat customised to be easier to manage or get 4 friends along to control the giant galleon, while one steers others control sails to keep you moving along and someone mans the crows nest watching for enemy ships or boat destroying rocks.

Also keep a look out for birds flying over the ocean as these indicate sunken vessels that can be searched for more treasures.

Ships can be modified with amazing looking bulk heads and new sails of various designs, as well as your pirates choose their hairstyles right down to their clothing. Different guns and swords can also be purchased. Other merchants become available; ones that will pay good money for transportation of animals such as pigs, snakes and chickens (that we know of) by a certain time and date – remembering to feed the animals on your journey and trying to avoid battles to get them back safely.

Ahead of the Sea of Thieves release date it’s been confirmed that the full game will also have NPC Bounty hunts where you have to bring the mystical skull of the dead pirates back to the order of souls merchant; a Kraken that can randomly attack and can take up to 4 ships to fend off.

Time to set down the anchors for the Sea of thieves release date

I believe the surface has barely been scratched on this amazing game, who knows what could come next? Ghost ships? Full scale ship battles with her majesty navy trying.to clear the waters of pirates? More monsters? This really is a beautiful game to behold and to play together or alone and it seems after a long wait Rare has really delivered the goods.

Book the day off for the Sea of thieves release date on March 20th and take part in one of the best games we have played. I hope this has wet your appetite, if you haven’t experienced the beta you really have a treat in store.

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