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Here’s How To Unlock The Days Gone Secret Ending


One of the great aspects of Days Gone is that face that there is plenty of different things to keep the clock ticking. Once you’ve completed all there is to do (that’s a lot of stuff), you then have something pretty cool to explore next – the Days Gone secret ending. If you’re nowhere near finished yet or simply dislike spoilers then you might want to stop reading about now.

Days Gone secret ending steps explained

So you’ve just finished the last missions, meaning you’ll then have seen the credits appear and scroll through your PS4 screens. Of course with the Days Gone secret ending means an alternative to what you’d see usually – which certainly goes a different direction to the basic one.

You’ll only be able to check out the Days Gone secret ending once you are at the point of free roaming the world again. By this we mean, the post-apocalyptic militia is finished off, the final fight is out of the way, credits have shown and you’re back in the world with apparently nothing left to do. In order to unlock the Days Gone secret ending it’s actually quite straightforward; finish off any remaining side-missions and keep exploring the world. At some point you’ll receive a message from O’Brian the NERO Scientist requesting a rendezvous. If the message isn’t appearing for you just yet it may be worth fast-travelling or finish off some side missions.


Once the call comes in you will see a mission prompt to begin another mission named ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do‘ which will see you beginning your quest in the Old Pioneer Cemetery. Make your way to this area and engage with the NERO Scientist and get your shocked face ready for something surprising.

After you’ve seen what’s in store for the Days Gone Secret Ending you will be rewarded with a hidden weapon crafting recipe which will make use of any IPCA tech that you have collected along your journey. A NERO Days gone bike skin will also be unlocked for your troubles. If your completion percentage doesn’t quite hjit that 100% mark then don’t worry, it means you’ve gopt a few other activities to complete in order to reach full completion.

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  1. That’s all well and good but unfortunately I was roaming the area where the mission marker shows up, it was surprising to to a Nero chopper appear out of thin air just as the call came through but now as a result I can’t activate the mission, and yes I’ve tried turning it off and on again

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