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Anthem Cross Platform Play Guide

Anthem cross platform play

When Anthem launches on February 22nd or readily available for those on the Anthem early access bandwagon, the question many players are asking is whether Anthem cross platform play  is going toe be live at launch.

Is Anthem cross platform play coming at launch?

The devs behind Anthem haven’t completely shut up shop on Anthem being able to support cross platform play, the downside to this is that its been confirmed as not coming release day.

Here’s the potential reasons

Why Anthem cross platform play won’t release on launch day hasn’t exactly been a talking point for Bioware as of yet, but time in addition to resource could be a potential reason. The likelihood is that the devs in Bioware’s studio thought investing resource into launch day was the sole focus. Ultimately it’s of utmost importance with the game being an online shared-world play style, that those playing on the current same platforms run as expected.

If it does happen, these could be the platforms supported

Unfortunately it comes back to the same answer with details being so thin on the ground. When taking other games into account like Fortnite cross play and even Apex legends cross platform play, it would be likely that cross play between PC and Xbox one to begin with. We shouldn’t rule out PlayStation at this poiunt, although its no secret how shaky discussions have been about cross play with rival Microsoft before now. PC and PS4 cross play (taking Xbox One out of the scenario) could be a highly viable option too, and may be seen sooner than we might think.

So when will it be coming?

At the time of writing this article, Bioware haven’t given specifics as to when Anthem cross platform play is going live, and they haven’;t even said that it’s a definite that it’s on tyhe way. There have however been several reports previously that suggest Anthem cross platform play is coming.

In the Tweet below Mark Darrah, Anthem’s Exec producer replied to a question asking if Anthem cross platform play was coming, replying ”Not at launch”.

Anthem cross platform play in summary

Being how big Anthem is going to be in terms of multiplayer action, players are going to want to join mates – and at this point you’re best getting the game on the same platform as your buddy to be safe. As it stands Anthem cross platform play looks to be something that’ll happen in the future, but there’s nothing to indicate which platforms or when that might be.

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