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sekiro endings guide

Sekiro Endings Guide – spoilers to follow!

Much like the other titles that have been brought in my FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice features a multitude of different endings. In our Sekiro endings guide we talk through the various ways to ensure you see each ending, this includes completing some fairly hard to find side quests and making the right decisions.

As you’ll see in our Sekiro endings guide it’s no easy task to view every ending, but if you can it’s very worthwhile. Not only will seeing each ending give potential conclusions but will in addition give you further insight into the lore and the story. Seeing every ending will explain how the country got into the state it’s in now, what exactly has been going on with the Sculptor as well as who could be responsible for Ashina’s attack. Remember that massive white snake? Well one ending also allows you to get your own back.

before all that though let’s rewind, our Sekiro endings guide is in place to show the requirements for each ending unlock – with a few tasks being finished off prior to your encounter with the boss at Ashina Castle peak. It’s worth remembering that some tasks will need to be polished off before the Fountainhead Palace area, once you complete this you may have already missed some requirements.

Sekiro Endings Guide – Immortal Severance

The Immortal Severance ending is probably the easiest to unlock in our Sekiro endings guide, all it requires is for you to follow a list of steps from the Divine Heir in order to finish the story. In order to trigger a boss fight with Owl you’ll need to select the option to remain loyal to the Divine Heir when asked to Obey the Iron Code by Owl. After this you will sever his immortality and therefore complete the Kuros’ plan.

Collecting Dragon Tears from the Divine Realm is the requirement at this point. Ashin Reservoir will see yet another battle take place in the Silvergrass Fields – think about the beginning of the game where you battled Genichiro and you’ll get a feel for this area. Quite simply, in order to trigger this ending you will need to finish the boss fight.

Sekiro Endings Guide – Shura Ending

The second ending is what some consider to be the negative ending, with a much darker side than the rest of them. The second time you have to backtrack to Ashina Castle is what will trigger the requirements here. Once you fight your way through the wave of Shinobi you will need to make your way to the peak of the castle, once there you will bump into Owl who you assumed was no longer alive. Sekiro gained a lot of skills from Owl when he was younger.

We all thought he was killed during the Hirata Estates area, when he appeared to be brown bread – Ashina Castle and Hirata’s attack was actually initiated by Owl. Similar to the first ending above, you’ll get a command from owl to defy the Divine Heir and instead follow the Iron Code. It’s worth putting this ending on the back-burner until your second run through the game, but if you  go with the option to assist Owl there’ll be some boss fights that don’t appear in any other endings – and after that the game will end.

Sekiro Endings Guide – Purification

The third ending surrounds a focus on saving Kuro from the Dragon’s Heritage; specifically in relation to the Everblossom Branch which is an item you’ll need top do so. The bad news is that the blossom comes from an Ashina-based tree which has keeled over – as you’ll learn from Emma. As it standa there appears to be no other way for you to get the Blossom.

There is of course a way to hunt down the blossom, but it’s going to be no easy task. As a start you’ll need to kick off various conversations with different characters, the first of which will be the conversation with owl in Ashina Castle where you’ll need to refuse. The discussion about the Dragon Tears comes next, and after departing at this point you need to make your way to the watchtower – as a reminder this is where you encountered Isshin Ashina. Once you reach the tower, looking in from the outside you will spot Emma – at which point you need to do some eavesdropping.

Now make your way back to Kuro top talk to him – a rest at the idol may be required to do this. Once you have the convo you’ll gain a Rice Ball and on checking the details you will get a prompt that shows Kuro has something weighing his mind down. If you head around the back of the screen and eavesdrop you’ll overhear Kuro chatting (to himself).

Emma should now appear in the area, if she doesn’t you will need to rest until she does. Emma says Kuro needs something done, and you’ll of course accept before resting up and prompting another convo with her – at which point the Everblossom will be the topic of conversation. As per Emma’s comments, the Everblossom was welcomed to Ashina by the nobles who may just be able to offer a helping hand.

Before making your way back to Ashina Castle into the Old Grave area it’s worth resting once more. To get to this area you simply head to the inside of the castle and drop a level – do bear in mind you will encounter a chained ogre. To get to the rear of the castle at this point you should see a door, and once you head three make your way left to find Emma among the graves – talk to her before travelling to the Dilapidated Temple via the Sculptor’s idol.

Here you’ll find the Sculptor and Emma chatting, eavesdrop again by going round the rear of the temple. An offering bell will be handed over that allows you to go to the Hirata Estate after utilising it on the temple Buddha – you get the bell after talking to Emma.

Now deal with the battles you face throughout the estate, keeping in mind these may prove more of a challenge this time round. The Owl will want to pitch a fight with you once you reach the part where you battled Lady Butterfly. The Owl is younger in this fight making him more of a challenge than the Ashina Castle version – get him defeated to revive the Everblossom you’ve been seeking.

When this is over head for the Silvergrass Field by progressing through the game, and when the prompt appear you’ll need to hand over the Everblossom for use on Kuro at the game end – this will see the third ending roll.

Sekiro Endings Guide – Return Ending

We’ve saved this one for last in our Sekiro Endings Guide as it’s going to take the most effort, but the effort pays off for what the ending offers. To get this one you need to ensure prior to the taking down the Divine Dragon in the Fountainhead Palace that the steps are completed first. If you defeat the dragon first you’ll have missed the required steps to unlock this ending.

To begin with the Senpou Temple stage will need to be finished off, and prior to facing Genichiro you’ll be able to progress to the level end – assuming you do this the massive buddha ornament inside is where the temple’s leader will appear. To obtain the Holy Chapter: Infested Text you will need to engage in a conversation with him. You won’t find the monk in the temple if you’ve already taken down Genichiro, so as an alternative you will be able to obtain the Infested Text in the Temple Grounds – in a pond. Progress through the game until you reach Mibu Villahge and encounter the corrupted monk – as you’ll need swim to dive into the pond to get the text.

Whichever way you obtain the text, you will need to head to the Senpou Temple (specifically the \Inner sanctum) which is the same place you first encountrered the Divine Child. After obtaining the rice either eat it yourself or hand it over to the old lady that is in Senpou Temple as well as Sunken valley.

After handing over a few lots of rice you’ll see the Divine Child starts to get tired, and a Persimmon will be what she requires. Head to the Shugendo area nearby the Senpou Temple and purchase one from the Memorial Mob Merchant, or alternatively try and earn one in the Senpou Temple stage by defeating the enemies there. Remember the guy you encountered who asked for a white flower and then asked you to spirit him elsewhere? This is another way to get the item, simply by completing Kotaro’s side-mission. The Divine Abduction Prosthetic should be used on him which will place him in the Hall of Illusion – to which he will then hand over the item you need (the Persimmon).

Once you give the Persimmon to the child, engage in conversation to get some  more rice – engage several times over and you’ll get rice for Kuro which you’ll need to take to him to from a rice ball. You can save this for later or eat it, but after that make your way back to the Inner Sanctum where the chilkd has disappeared into the Hall of Illusion – engage another conversation.

This time the child says the leader of Senpou Temple holds another text which compliments the Infested text, the leader is beehind the temple in a cave. Make your way inside the cave to the point where you need to jump down, and when you do there’ll be somewhere behind you to swim under the wall – keep moving to the end of the trail. You will know you’re in the right place when you see some strange-looking statues, one of which stands out in a different colour clothing. Interact with the statue that stands out to get the text we were looking for before taking it to the Divine Child.

We like to rest in our Sekiro endings guide, so when you’re done engage another conversation with the Child who will tell you the Great Serpent hold two fruits you’ll need. Remember the massive snake you’ve already encountered? That’s the one. This task will stray you away from your path, and before you do you’ll need to ensure you own the Puppeteer Ninjutsu skill which you obtain by playing the story.

Head to Senpou Temple towards Kotaro which is around the Abandoned dungeon entrance area. We’re looking for a crank along with a kite plus a diminutive Senpou assassin – you’ll find it after you’ve headed right from the Abandoned Dungeon entrance. To get the assassin to crank the kite you will need to utilise the puppeteer skill, and after you do make your way to the mountain point where the massive tree resides. The kite will be in the tree so you’ll need to climb up and grapple to it which will see you grapples across the ravine’s furthest side.

Look towards where you grappled from and search for a place to make your way down on the left-hand side. Progress to the point where you find a cave entry point which holds a Sculptor’s idol. Progress through the cave until you reach the other end where a large wooden plank lays that you can shimmy across. Look down and the Great Serpent you’ve been looking for should be wrapped around an object waiting – a prompt should now appear to use your Death Blow, which will then result in obtaining the fresh fruit you need.

Now we need to locate the dried fruit which can be found near the memorial mob Merchant in the Sunken Valley. To begin with visit the Sculptor’s idol at Riven Cave and then travel to the Snowy cliffs where you’ll immediately see the statues again. Drop down below before grappling to the tree, and for reference you want to head to the right where the Valley ground meets where there’ll be a cave entrance which is where the merchant resides. Progress through the cave until you seemingly hit a dead end due to the Giant serpent hunting you – there’s a stone pillar that you should wall hug. After this jump down to where the serpent is looking elsewhere; on the left side. Progress forward until you encounter a monkey, when you do use your puppeteer skill to see it distract the serpent for you. Grapple away towards the temple which hold the dried fruit within.

Revisit the Divine Child in the Inner Sanctum and hand over the fruits, rest up to pass some time, interact with the door before resting once more. Interacting with the Child will see her give you toe Frozen Dragon Tear, at which point you can journey on to the Fountainhead Palace to finish off the game as normal. Complete the Silvergrass Field battle and you’ll unlock the Return Ending once you use the Dragon Tears when prompted.

That concludes our Sekiro endings guide, but if you’re looking for other Sekiro guides we have articles such as the Sekiro best skills guide and more!

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