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Apex Legends Octane Character Bio

Apex Legends Octane Character Bio

After a long wait the launch of the Apex legends battle Pass finally made its debut. Along with the Battle Pass release came new weapons and characters, Octane being one of them – here’s our Apex Legends Octane Character Bio showing exactly what he brings to the fight.

There were many leaks surrounding the release of Octane, which also came with a lot of speculation as to what skills he’d have. Now though, we can confirm the leaks were pretty on Parr in terms of accuracy, stating he would come equipped with a nifty launch pad to help team mates scour the map, and in addition be able to swap his HP for a speed boost.

Apex Legends Octane character bio – how much?

If you fancy picking up the newly released character, you can do so right away at a cost of 12,000 legend Tokens (the same cost as Mirage was). You can earn these tokens in-game or use 750 Apex Coins as an alternative. Check out the Apex game menu and navigate to the Legends tab to find Octane – it seems as though the cost mentioned is going to become the standard price for new characters.

Apex Legends Octane character bio – using Octane in-game

As per his title of “The Adrenaline Junkie” you’ll already get a picture of how this guy is going to handle himself. Although the leaks have been almost perfectly accurate, there’s been a minor difference to the release version of how Octane actually plays.

The official abilities breakdown follows, which has been provided by Respawn.

Apex Legends Octane character bio – Tactical Ability: Stim

this ability will come at a cost of health to use, but will allow a 6 second period where Octane can move 30% faster. There is a 2 second recharge time, but while this ability is equipped it will ensure slowdown attacks do not have an effect on Octane.

Apex Legends Octane character bio – Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Every 2 seconds, 1 health will be recovered so long as Octane doesn’t take damage.

Apex Legends Octane character bio – Ultimate Ability: Launch pad

Octane’s ultimate perk will require a 90 second recharge, but will allow him to equip a deployable launch pad that can launch others into the air. having a pretty short recharge for this ability could potentially allow Octane to average a use of once for every engagement. Foes won’t know what’s hit em when they go flying towards a building!

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