Is Robert Pattinson going to play Batman? Looks like he got the part!


After a bit of speculation as to whether he’d get the part, the question many of us were asking has been answered ‘is Robert Pattinson going to play Batman?’, the short answer is a resounding yes.

Most of us will recall Robert Pattinson from his appearances within the Twilight movies as a vampire. If you’re unfamiliar with the movies the vampire was known as Edward Cullen, and appeared alongside Bella who was played by Kirsten Stewart. Warner Bros. selected Pattinson to play the role of rich kid Bruce Wayne, and of course the gadget-enriched Dark Knight . We already knew Pattinson was the frontrunner to play the part, but the selection process finished with him winning the role. Deadline states that Matt Reeves (director) selected Pattinson after he turned to X-Men’s Beast Nicholas Hoult for inspiration for the various screen tests he’d have to undergo.

In addition to the release of The Batman movie in 2021, there are reports that another two films will follow the production.

Is Robert Pattinson going to play Batman? Just one more step

Other than an announcement popping up from Warner Bros. to confirm the news, the deal is all but set in stone for Pattinson getting the starring role as The Batman. Fortunately, at least we think it’s good news, the post from Deadline states Batman’s “formative stages” are the objective for this movie, and “in no way” will The Batman tie in with the likes of Justice League or Batman Vs. Superman.

In addition to the Twilight movies, Pattinson has been exploring new depths since his role as Edward – appearing in a crime-thriller back in 2017 called Good Time, and a horror movie we know asĀ  Lighthouse which one various awards following its success.

One of the great aspects of The Batman that we can expect is the array of villains that will appear to hinder the caped crusader. “there will be a rogues gallery” says director Matt Reeves, which will surely test out Pattinson’s skills in handling the various villains that poison the streets of Gotham (no I’m not talking Poison Ivy). “a point-of-view-driven, noir Batman tale” is just one phrase that’s been used to describe The Batman, so surely there’ll be plenty of shadow-darting, eavesdropping, oh and use of the famous Gotham Police Departmnent skylight.

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