Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch: equip 4 of the same fighter, level up faster


It goes without saying that to be successful in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 you need to ensure you have a great squad to play with, from the broad selection of heroes available. It’s not uncommon to train characters to mould them into the fighter you need by doubling up with them or even better quadding them up. A new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch will allow you to quadruple down with fighters, meaning your whole roster will be compiled with four of that same hero.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch specifics

It’s worth noting that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch only works in challenge mode, but using it will eliminate a good portion of the grinding involved to shape up your chosen hero. okay so what you’re here for, the how-to of using this glitch. Let’s face it, you’ll have a lot more fun if you can level up your heroes without exploiting this glitch, but we also understand that grinding can sometimes be quite tedious so needs must and all that jazz!


The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch was unearthed by Redditors GaijinGhost and ShinobiSekiro, and you can see it in action from YouTuber Xiphos Gaming.

First up head over to the main menu of the game and head to infinity Trials mode, then begin a Solo Challenge. The character that is selected in the Solo Challenge is going to be the hero you can perform the glitch with.

  • Make sure you fail the challenge and then head back into the lobby screen.
  • Next up, head over to your squad selection and alter your first slot character and select another character of your choosing.
  • Perform the above Solo Challenge step and ensure you fail a second time.
  • Finally, return to your squad roster and you should see it now displays two Captain America fighters. To ramp this up to four of the same, just repeat the above steps and you should see four Caps in your squad.

The great thing about this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 glitch is the four characters are available to use across story mode by choosing the level select menu item and in most of the challenges too. Do NOT select the ”continue” prompt as this will reset your squad and you will have to repeat the steps above again. This glitch could supercharge your character grinding if you equip an ISO-8 XP Boost, as doing so with four of the same hero will times it by 4. You’re welcome!

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