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Apex Legends Cross Platform Capabilities

apex legends cross platform support

As of now Apex Legends Cross platform capabilities are a little hazy, but with so many people asking if they can play between Xbox/PS4/PC we thought we’d share what we know so far.

Not too dissimilar to when Fortnite announced cross play capabilities, fans of Apex Legends have been pondering as to whether tha gme would work in the same way. In short Apex Legends cross play multiplayer will work in some ways, but not in others.

What we do know right now is that Apex Legends cross play is in the works, and we also know how eager players are to team up or compete with mates who may be on different platforms.

Does Apex Legends cross platform work out of the box?

As it stands, the answer is a disappointing no, with Respawn communicating that cross play is going to be coming, but that it’s a work-in-progress.

Drew MCoy, Lead Producer in an interview surrounding Apex legends cross play being readily available stated “Yeah, not at launch unfortunately,” but went on to say that “but we do have plans for allowing players to play with their friends on other platforms. No time frame for that unfortunately.”

Much like we saw a roadmap for Shadow of The Tomb Raider last year, Respawn already have their own take on a roadmap. The Apex Legends Roadmap unfortunately doesn’t detail when/how cross play will work but it definitely sounds like something is happening on the inside.

Apex Legends cross purchases/cross progress

The good news is that Apex Legends cross platform play is something likely in the future, the bad news is any progress linked to your account is going too be tied to your console/PC.

McCoy further commented that “Unfortunately we won’t ever be able to do cross-progress or cross-purchases, which is a bummer, but due to the way systems were set up early on we can’t reconcile it after the fact.”

So in other words any purchases or unlocks that you make on one platform is not going to carry over to the next, regardless of whether you sign in with the same account. With this in mind its worth making sure you’re going to stick with a platform before you start making any serious progress.

Apex Legends cross platform specifics

The problem at this moment in time is that details have been pretty sparse to say the least, but if it follows the trend of other cross platform titles then we’ll have the general idea.

Taking Fortnite as a poplar example; players use their Epic Account on any chosen platform which will show them which of their mates are online – and one which platform. Taking another big cross platform player, Rocket League will work slightly different using a system called RocketID which is placed to launch in 2019.

With two very workable examples the possibility is Apex Legends cross play will follow the same trend. You may need to use your EA Origin Account which could show you who is playing and on which platforms.
In the early days before Fortnite went viral, the game worked in a similar manor with PS4 being pretty reluctant to shake hands with Xbox to allow cross play (before caving and allowing it). Most of us thought it was a case of flicking a switch, but it seems there’s a lot more to it than that.

One thing to bear in mind; when Apex Legends cross platform support comes in you’re unlikely to get a console player matched up against a mouse/keyboard player. This is fair enough, much like Fortnite already does by matching console vs. console or PC to PC before any cross play takes place. If you have a cross platform team then it’ll pair you up with another cross platform team. This is to ensure its reasonably fair if others aren’t wanting to go with cross platform play.

Until Apex Legends cross play details are more bulky, why not clue up on the Apex Legends Character stats? We also have other helpful articles listed in our Apex legends Guide.

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