New PS5 patent may let players buy hints to beat games

new ps5 patent to buy hints

Although there’s plenty of sites and videos on the web showing you how to beat a game, Sony seems to have been watching and learning in the background. A new PS5 patent has been filed for a system that could let players exchange cash for hints and tips for parts of a game they are struggling with. This comes as news emerged showing a new teaser trailer for the DualShock 5 controller along with rumours that the console could be unveiled in a number of weeks.

Is the new PS5 patent likely to happen?

This information seems completely viable, seeing as its being pushed through the official channels of the World Intellectual Property Organization, as first reported on by Gamerant. In a nutshell, the new PS5 patent is to allowing monitoring of the player’s gameplay performance along with what actions they are taking while playing. The system would then take the tried and tested methods by the player to finish the objective or missions, and offer a solution for completion. That of course, would come at a cost.

There’s nothing concrete to suggest that the new PS5 patent will make it to launch, it simply means that Sony has the ability and technical know-how to make it possible on the console. As with any patent, it’s worth taking this one with a pinch of salt. Thinking about it, would you shell out cash for a hint after you’ve already purchased a game where you could instead tap the task into Google and grab the answer? Not to mention, that’ll be completely free!


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If you’ve already read the specifics of the new PS5 patent you might have stumbled on a bunch of words that directs attention to possible reasoning behind the idea (aside from taking more cash from players): “When players become frustrated with their repeated failures to accomplish some objective, there is a higher likelihood that the player will quit the game and not experience the totality of what the game is intended to offer.”

That’s true to an extent, but that assumes the player doesn’t have access to that thing called the world wide web and considering many modern-day games are online, that is pretty unusual to assume. Gamers are equipped to go through a series of lengths to get the answer they need, so Sony is hugely underestimating gamers here. Nowadays, we don’t even need to skim pages on GameFAQs to grab the answer we need, Google ‘how to win at CoD Modern Warfare‘ and you’ve got your answer in front of you.

Whether you enjoy guides or not, they’ve gained lots of attention over the years and it’s strange to think Sony have totally missed tat with the new PS5 patent.

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