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Next Month Will See New UK Video Game Museum Open To The Public

National Video Game Museum

A new video game museum? Okay then

It’s not everything to play and be awesome at video games, do you ever think about the history, politics, artistic and social aspects of video games that made the A-list titles what they are today? Until June this year the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham held a sweet spot for many, but announced it was moving its premises elsewhere. It’s only going to be around until February next year so it’s great to hear a successor will be stepping up to take its place. Specifically the National Video Game Museum.

When is the museum opening its doors?

In Sheffield, on 26th November 2018 the general public will have access to the UK’s first permanent museum devoted to video games. The NVM (for short,National Videogame Museum will provide “scores of playable consoles and arcade machines” in addition to “innovative exhibitions of studios, their games and how they are made”. The museum is set to host “unique exhibitions reaching back to the industry’s birth and forward to games still in development” and cultural festivals.

The NVM is in essence a reboot of the National Videogame Arcade but is going to be here to stay. The National Videogame Arcade hosted exhibits which included Monument Valley and Football Manager. Although details on titles making appearances are a little sparse, we know that Gang Beasts will be setting up a “test lab”, although what this means is anyone’s guess.

As of now, The NVM are currently “talking to publishers and developers about showcasing their work,” so we’d expect to hear more details towards the time of opening. If you wish to hear on the minute updates you have the option of signing up to the NVM mailing list where updates will be announced as they unfold.

The National Video Game Museum is set to open its doors all year round, road trip to Sheffield anyone?

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