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”Impossible to put into words” No-spoiler Avengers Endgame First Reviews

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The Avengers Endgame first reviews are in and it looks like the movie has certainly lived up to the hype. If you’re due to watch the movie this week then there’s likely to be some tears shed along with a standing ovation to how brilliant it’s said to be.

Avengers Endgame First Reviews – no spoilers guaranteed

Some very fortunate fans were given the opportunity to attend the world premiere of Avengers Endgame yesterday evening – don’t get me started on how envious I am right now. At this point in time it’s a case of settling for second best while we wait for the viewing that us us jealous people can watch. Here’s the Avengers Endgame first reviews from those who have seen what happens, and although no spoilers are contained if you wish to go in without a clue it’s best to avoid reading on.

Avengers Endgame first reviews – the build up is real

Let’s be honest, most of us have been a little sceptical about whether the huge build up to Avengers Endgame was worth it. That worry should be completely alleviated based on the reactions that have come in since last night, with the majority stating it’s as good as, if not more amazing than Avengers Infinity War.

The right way to round off a cliff-hanger

It goes without saying that there’s a heck of a lot going on in Avengers Infinity War, and Avengers Endgame has the tricky task of balancing everything perfectly. There’s bringing Captain Marvel into the mix, the Thanos snap situation to sort out, and then there’s the fact that one of Marvel’s major heroes may not be making their way out of this movie alive. The ten-year long story has apparently been concluded the way it should have been according to the Avengers Endgame first reviews.

An emotional roller coaster

If you’re going to see the movie either Thursday or Friday (for us in the UK at least), then there’s no spoiler to say there’s going to be a few Kleenex that people get through with the events that go on. If this holds some truth then we’re going to want to avoid checking out our social media feeds until we’ve seen it for ourselves. Here’s some of the comments from those who just couldn’t hold their emotions together.


Next up, the more critical Avengers Endgame first reviews

SPOILER ALERT – there aren’t any!

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