PS4 remote play iPhone Support Available at Last!

If you’re an avid Apple fan with no intention of moving over to the greener grass (more flexible OS) of Android, then you’ll have needed to wait a while for the PS4 remote play iPhone support to be made available. Specifically iPhone users have been waiting since 2014 when PS4 remote Play was made available for Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone users, fast forward a year later and PC and MAC users were made available – while iPhone users were kept in the dark with the clock still ticking away.

That all changes as of today though, with both iPad and iPhone users being provided with the Remote Play capability – that’s thanks to the 6.50 firmware update.

PlayStation owners and iPhone users alike have been requesting the feature for a very long time now, which allows the possibility of streaming what’s on your PS4 to your mobile device. The official PS4 app would allow players all players of Android, PC or MAC to do this, while IOS users would have to make do with forking out £9.13 for an unofficial app called R-Play to do this.

Do you remember when Sony announced the capability of finally changing your PSN ID for this year? Well unfortunately this isn’t the firmware update that’s set to include this feature, so we’ll have to sit tight for now. What the 6.50 firmware update hold is detailed in this Reddit thread, don’t get too excited though other than the PS4 Remote Play iPhone support there’s not much else happening.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the PS4 Remote Play iPhone feature is carried over to the next generation PS console, as four years for a cross-platform feature is a long time to wait.

In other PS4 news, Anthem is crashing PS4 consoles, if you’ve been affected we’ve covered everything you need to know. Oh and The Last of Us 2 release date may have just been leaked – exciting much!?

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