PUBG Coming To PS4 Next Month, & An Upcoming PUBG DC Crossover

It's going to be a royale affair
PUBG coming to PS4

PUBG coming to PS4 Next Month

Over one year after it was released on Xbox one, the wait is finally over – PUBG coming to PS4 next month means the wait is finally over for those without a PC or Xbox One.

It’s been confirmed that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds December release holds some real truth with the news being communicated at ResetEra by games analyst Daniel Ahmed.

The announcement at ResetEra wasn’t a complete shock to gamers as the news had pretty much already been leaked via a variety of different online sources, one of which popped up on PSNProfiles by an active user which showed various images (kind of confirming PUBG coming to PS4 at some poaint.)

In other news…

On the other side of the gaming planet, there’s set to be some pretty ”big PUBG news” during Microsoft’s upcoming XO18 event starting as soon as this Saturday (November 10th). It’s unlikely that Microsoft will be announcing or confirming PUBG coming to PS4, that’d be like McDonald’s saying Burger King have some new fries coming out! Instead it could potentially be a new map addition… maybe?

Do you remember the Avenger’s Infinity War crossover in Fortnite? Well ahead of PUBG coming to PS4 it seems the devs have collaborated with DC to bring a new and unexpected Suicide Squad crossover to the game. This isn’t a bad move for the game, and it certainly gets my vote for jumping into what’s likely to be a limited time event.

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