PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn Skins Added To Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary


Guerilla Games have joined forces with PUBG to add PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn skins into the PS4 version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

When are the PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn skins coming?

PlayStation 4 players will be able to login to PUBG between March 5th until April 5th, and in doing so they’ll receive the PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn skins for free. Those who take on the new in-game challenges will also be rewarded with additional content, said content can also be purchased as an alternative.

The crossover event isn’t too dissimilar to that of the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover which was announced at the end of last year. Similarly Battle Royale rival Fortnite have had some successful crossover events such as the Fortnite Infinity War event.

There are a variety of items in addition to the PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn skins which will include:

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98k

You can unlock this piece of content for 8,000 BP

Horizon Zero Dawn Pan

In order to get your hands on the pan players are required to use the crossbow to kill 10 opponents during the event period

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top

Every player who logs into the game during event period will receive the item

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask

Can be claimed by playing 10 games of PUBG during the event period.

Why not take a peak at the PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn skins reveal below, and if you’re looking for more info you can find it available on the PUBG website.

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