Red Dead redemption 2 Sales Are Higher Than RDR1’s 8 Years Of Sales

Red Dead Redemption 2 sales

Red Dead redemption 2 Sales

Unless you’ve hidden under some sort of canyon you won’t be shocked at how well the Red Dead Redemption 2 sales figures have gone down, but with a new sales stat released to the public it really does show how much growth there’s been for Rockstar’s latest cowboy franchise.

Show me the figures!

During its first eight days, a total of 17 million units (copies) of Red Dead Redemption 2 have been sold. Since it’s release less than two weeks ago, that’s more than Red Dead Redemption 1 has sold in eight whole years. Thiese figures were communicated by Take-Two in a recent financial earnings call. During the same call, there were also mentions of Red Dead online which is set to release towards the end of November.

Red Dead Online

Aside from the Red Dead Redemption 2 sales tally, we know that Red Dead online coming towards the end of the month is going toe be labelled as a public beta which should be open to everyone. This is an unusual move from Rockstar but there’s no complaints from us as it means the new online mode holds some real truth, considering we’ve not been told anything as to what the mode is going to offer.

During the financial call Karl Slatoff, Exec of Take-Two said that Red Dead Online is “an evolution of the classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption” offering “narrative with competitive and cooperative game-play”. The Red Dead Online mode is going to allow you to play with mates or on your own.

From the sparse details it seems as though Red Dead Online is going to have a GTA V type feel, in which playable and non-playable characters from the GTA V main story would appear offering you new things to do and additional missions.

It’s likely that Rockstar are keeping the Red Dead Online details a little hush due to the sheer fact that the Red Dead 2 storyline is basically massive, and they don’t want to bombard players with too much to do. One thing to bear in mind is that the release this month is coming in as a beta, so its there if you wish to have a bash at it but it won’t be the finished article.

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