Resident Evil 2 Remake Safe Codes Guide

Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code guide

As you’d expect from any of Capcom’s Resident Evil titles, the remaster of the original Resident Evil 2 is full of puzzles for you to solve. Among these are the Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code combinations that you’ll need to figure out to progress.

Using a unique series of combinations will open various safes while you take the role of Claire and Leon, the rewards inside will vary from inventory expansions to weapon upgrades.

How the Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code system works

As you find one of the safes you’ll be presented with a dial which will require a sequence of directions to be able to unlock them. All of the safes will operate in much the same way. The good news is there will only be a maximum set number of three turns to crack the safe. This guide will explain those exact combos in detail to unlock all of the Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code locations. We’ve taken the hard work out, so you can just use the combos rather  than wandering round trying to find them!

Police Station West Office Location and Safe Code

You’re pretty guaranteed that this will be one of the first safes you encounter in the game because it’s buried in one of the rooms near your starting point. Once you head to the first floor of the police station, head West and you’ll find a door labelled ‘western office’. If you dare head into the side-room nestled inside the office and you’ll no doubt see the safe in plain sight in the corner of the room. Keep your eyes open as you’ll also find a very attractive zombie slumped against a wall nearby.

Interact with the safe and enter the safe code as follows: nine turns Left, fifteen to the Right, and seven to the Left. After entering this safe code Claire and Leon will both be provided with the Hip Pouch which will provide you with extra inventory space to boost. This is something you’ll be glad of as you collect items.

Just in case you’re interested, the Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code could be found on the second floor of the police station in the S.T.A.R.S office. Look on one of the desks and you’ll find a memo with a post-it note with the safe code written down.

Police Station waiting Room Location and safe Code

Now that we’ve covered the Western side of the Police Station you’ll want to explore the East to find the next safe location. Make your way over to the second floor to trigger the A scenario, you’ll then discover the waiting room. After entering the waiting room the next safe will be tucked behind a desk just crying out to be unlocked. Prior to cracking the safe ensure there’s nothing following you, other than that you won’t bump into any zombies and you’ll be safe to start picking.

Hit your action button in front of the safe and enter the following Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code: six turns Left, two to the Right, eleven Left and it’ll reveal a Muzzle Brake specifically for Leon’s Pistol. Claire and Matilda meanwhile will be rewarded with a hefty High Capacity Mag which combines with the JMB HP3 weapon.

Looking to find the Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code yourself? This one was on the first floor observation room, specifically on a side table holding and RPD doc.

Sewer Treatment Pool Room Location and Safe Code

This last safe will be found further on in your playthrough after you make your way down into the grotty sewer area. You’ll know you’re near as you’ll enter find the chess piece plug puzzle within the Monitor room. There’s just one door in here you need to exit through which takes you over a bridge. Once you cross this you need to head around the right in which you’ll come to the Sewer Treatment Pool Room – the safe is easy to spot here.

The third and final Resident Evil 2 Remake safe code goes like this: Two turns Left, twelve Right and then eight Left to get yourself a W-870 Shotgun Stock for Leon. A Reinforced SLS 60 Frame will be provided for Claire.

You’ll probably have found this one yourself, but if not the code was written in chalk on the right hand area of the safe unit.

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