Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar DLC, Toughest Challenge Yet?

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar DLC

The latest DLC for Shadow of The Tomb raider has now been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC and sees Lara facing one of her toughest challenge tombs yet. The Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar DLC is one of the many add-ons to the base game from Square Enix.

In this instalment you’ll need to help Ms. Croft venture through an ancient ruin, which is of course full to the brim with some pretty harsh looking booby-traps to say the least.

You’ll see the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar release trailer below which see’s Lara on the hunt for the treasure at the end of the tomb. The cave-diving thrill-seeker isn’t the only one seeking the treasure though, which means aside from dodging the dangerous traps and pitfalls, you’ll also have to fight your way through a generous amount of armed mercenaries to ensure you track down the treasure first.

Last year Square Enix released a DLC roadmap detailing this week’s release of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar along with every DLC pack to be released. You can pick up the season pass from the PlayStation Store (or Microsoft Store for Xbox and PC) which will give you access to all the DLC packs, past and future inclusive.

As a reminder, last month’s Shadow of The Tomb Raider DLC was The Forge, check out the details here if you missed it.

Let us know if you’re downloading Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Pillar, and of course if you manage to beat the mercenaries.

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