Silent Hill PT demo gets a creepy Macintosh graphics downgrade

silent hill pt demo macintosh
Image credit: ryan Trawick

let’s be honest, there’s not a massive amount of games on the horizon that are releasing right now, so the next best thing is to begin giving current games the remaster treatment. Resident Evil 3: Remake got given a much-needed makeover last month, but it seems that a fan has gone the opposite direction by de-mastering the Silent Hill PT demo.

How the de-mastered Silent Hill PT demo is still just as creepy

A fan with some time on his hands decided to take the super-realistic version of Kojima’s ever-looping Silent Hill PT demo a turn it into something you’d find on an old-style Macintosh computer.

Using a tool that was originally used for Macintosh computers known as Hypercard, the developer took just a couple of weekends to turn around his idea of the Silent Hill PT demo makeover. While working on the demo, developer Ryan Trawick thought outside the box more than just simplifying the graphics by trimming parts from the original demo and adding a few surprises.

“you’ll just have to play to find out.” is the phrase Trawick used when asked about what was different about his version of the Silent Hill PT demo.

those who fancy finding out what lurks through the never-ending corridor can download the revamped demo for themselves called Hyper PT here and make a donation if you’d like (or don’t). Playing the game on an Apple-based system will feel the most authentic, although you can grab your copy on Windows and Linux too.

It sounds weird, but you’d have thought the scariest experience for the Silent Hill PT demo is with the ultra-realistic graphics that we’re used to, but that’s not to say this new de-master won’t get you breaking a sweat too.

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