Spider Man Turf Wars Release Date Approaches, DLC Trailer Looks Epic

Spider Man Turf Wars Release is next week

With the last Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC bringing in a story from the Black Cat we were clearly expecting the introduction of a new villain, and this we couldn’t have been given much better than Hammerhead. Next week’s Spider Man Turf Wars Release is set to surround a story of Hammerhead, owning a metal skull which is likely to pack a real punch (or headbutt) if you stand in his way.

Save the date

If you’ve already purchased the DLC collection, or bought the deluxe edition of the game then you’ll automatically get access to the Spider Man Turf Wars Release DLC on November 20th.

Yuri, who we saw plenty of in the Black Cat DLC gets cop-napped by Hammerhead, and without needing to figure too much else out Spidey will need to do what’s necessary to save him.

Aside from the new mini-campaign featuring Hammerhead the Spider Man Turf Wars Release is set to include an additional three new Spidey suits with one of them having some kind of link to Iron Man (not the Iron Spider). We also know that there is going to be a new heavy enemy that boasts a mini gun.

Looking to buy Turf Wars? You can get the individual DLC for £6.49, or as an alternative get yourself the season pass which has all three The City That never Sleeps DLC packs for £15.99.

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