Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover drops in Gooigi for limited-time event

Tetris 99 Luigi's Mansion crossover

It’s just over a week until Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches for Nintendo Switch, and to celebrate Nintendo are planning a Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover event. The event brings the iconic Gooigi character into the Tetris 99 for Switch, just days ahead of the Halloween launch of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

When is the Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover?

The Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover drops on Switch on October 25th, which will be available until October 28th for Tetris 99 players. Switch owners will need to utilize their Nintendo Switch subscription to join in with the spooky festivities of the Maximus Cup. The news came in a tweet from Nintendo Japan’s Twitter channel.

Maximus Cups aren’t a new concept, but ultimately they work by battling in Tetris 99’s competitive game modes to earn enough points for a new theme. The Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme can be unlocked during the Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover by earning a total of 100 points. The theme will apply a tertimino concept, new music and Luigi’s Mansion background art to celebrate the spooky adventure of the green-capped plumber.

Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover features Luigi but the main attraction is his slimy counterpart Gooigi. Gooigi has the added advantage over Luigi of being able to pass through barred windows and spike traps, making it easier to find puzzle solutions. There’ll surely be similar abilities used in Tetris 99.

Tetris 99 Luigi's Mansion crossover

Credit: Nintendo

If you’ve subscribed to Nintendo’s answer to Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus then you’ll automatically get Tetris 99 for free. If you intend on playing multiplayer in Tetris 99 the Nintendo subscription is mandatory. Those who take up the service also get access to a growing library of games featured on the NES and Super Nintendo consoles.

If you’ve purchased a hard copy of Tetris 99 then you’ll still need to Nintendo subscription service to play. This subscription includes membership for 12 months, with all the Tetris 99 DLC included as standard.

Although the Switch Tetris title is great, to begin with, Nintendo clearly saw an opening to push players towards the game with the Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion crossover.

As we’ve mentioned above, this isn’t the first Maximus Cup, and Nintendo has used the cup as a way to award players with the GameBoy theme. Fire Emblem, Super Kirby Clash and Splatoon 2 have also featured across Tetris 99 events.

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