Top 6 Gaming Hacks To Try Out

gaming hacks to try out

Nothing beats the crucial moments of taking shots and the leads that characterize gaming. If you are a seasoned gamer, you know that lags and freezes are an uninteresting sight. You have learned that a delay in taking action could take all your previous moves down the drain.

So, are there any solutions, hacks, or ways to prevent this from happening?

Fortunately, yes, there are a number of ways around gaming. In this post, we bring to you gaming hacks that will make your experience less disastrous. Let’s get started.

1. Update your video drivers

One of the reasons why developers keep releasing new versions of their software is to fix bugs as well as incorporate additional features that will enhance your user experience. The same case happens when you update your video drivers. Up-to-date drivers could be all you need to smoothen your gaming time.

2. Check the users on your network

Sharing may pass out as an act of care but sharing your network may affect your gaming sessions. This is especially so if you are gaming over a Wi-Fi network. Few devices mean less congestion and this translates into a pleasant gaming experience.

3. Keep your LAN cables close

I know, the use of cables sounds old-fashioned and it’s almost impossible to convince you to go back to using LAN cables. And truly, nothing beats Wi-Fi in matters of convenience, but in some cases, Wi-Fi connection might be the reason for a lagging connection.

To prove the LAN hack, I would challenge you to connect your console to a LAN cable and experiment with online gaming. Compare the speed with when you are gaming over WIFI. See how much speed improves when you are on the cable connections.

4. Use a VPN to improve your connection speeds

Connect to a provider who has VPN services for gaming. This will ensure you have connections to the best servers for gaming and streaming. Accessing the best servers will improve your speeds.

5. Unblock geo-restrictions

Governments have authorities that determine the content that is published in your country. For business purposes, developers cannot defy the regulations as spelt out. Like what happens with Netflix. People in one country will be able to access releases that people in another country only hear about.

Similar restrictions apply to gaming. Fortunately, you can work your way around using a VPN. By virtually changing your location, you will be able to access new games releases at a reduced waiting time and cost.

You can also engage in competitions with fellow gamers who are in foreign countries. Get a VPN to enjoy this from the comfort of your home. And all this, anonymously!

6. Using a VPN to protect your online activities

VPNs are mainly designed to keep your traffic data safe and secure. They do this through a technology that encrypts your data and masks your real identity and location. With a VPN connection, you are able to use the internet without leaving any traces behind.

Internet users have for a long time been a common target for cybercriminals and malicious attacks. Online gamers are on record for falling victim to cybercriminals with some victims reporting huge losses after attacks.

Sony PlayStation, one of the leading gaming networks fell victim to a major attack in April 2011. The attack led to downtime that made the online platform make its services unavailable to its users for 2 days.

To prevent further damage, Sony had to shut down the play network for close to a month. The attack resulted in a compromise of 77 million accounts which had the personal details of the account owners accessed illegally.

A VPN connection can protect you from such damaging attacks. It ensures that you cannot be DDoS attacked during a game. When installed on your router, a VPN offers data security for you and everybody else that is using that network.

Gaming hacks to try out; Bottom-line

Good speeds and being able to stay updated can enhance your gaming experience. Combining the gaming hacks to try as discussed above should be able to improve your gaming for both downloaded and online games.

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