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Two Major UK Gaming Magazines To Close With Last Issues Next Month

UK gaming magazines

Two UK gaming magazines close their doors

An announcement from Gamesindustry.biz came just this morning that two major UK gaming magazines were set to close their doors for good.

Which magazines are shutting down?

Both GamesMaster and GamesTM have said to be releasing their final issues next month which are currently being processed.

GameMaster was launched a whopping 25 years ago in January 1993. GamesTM on the other hand was a little less aged but still had a 16 year lifespan launching in 2002 at Image Publishing and being taken under the Future publishing umbrella just a couple of years ago.

Future states that “Despite the company’s strong performance overall, unfortunately GamesTM and GamesMaster are no longer profitable parts of the business,”

“The decision was an extremely difficult one, but everyone here is enormously proud of what the magazines have achieved in their lifetimes.”

The last remaining issues are set to be processed in time for the UK gaming magazines’ final launch on November 1st 2018.

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