Xbox Handheld console could become a reality to rival the Nintendo Switch


If you’ve been a fan of handheld consoles since the Nintendo Gameboy released many years ago, and simply love the idea of gaming portability, then a new Xbox Handheld console might peak your interest. That’s after a Microsoft patent appeared online as being filed on July 9th 2019 showing some very interesting concept sketches.

Xbox Handheld console – what the patent says

From what we know so far the concept of an Xbox Handheld console could attach to s device with a touchscreen, perhaps like a smartphone and will enable charging simultaneously. The device could offer console-like gaming capabilities while the controllers clip onto the smartphone. Whether Xbox Live-type AAA games could be playable on the device or games made only for mobile use isn’t clear at this stage.

Yanko Design’s Editor Sarang Sheth has designed some amazing 3d concepts of what the real model could well look like, based on the sketches from the patent request. ”Xbox Cloud” is what Sheth calls the device.

The Xbox Handheld console design

The 3d rendered images show joypads that are detachable to a smartphone, slotting on to either side of the device. In doing so it aims to turn the device into a handheld Xbox, and as you’d expect it features the right and left top trigger buttons in addition to the buttons you’d find on an Xbox controller.


Wifi is the technology in place that allows the controllers to communicate with the Xbox Handheld console, and the pads have been designed so no screen interference occurs caused by overlapping. Wireless headphone support will be supported by the controllers in addition to a headphone jack for manual connection, as well as built-in speakers.

Long sessions of gaming can be achieved according to Sarang’s summarised concept notes, and recharging won’t be a must each time you run out of juice as the batteries are switchable. Black, grey and white will be the colour options Sarang believes will emerge, and the controllers will come with a dock that can charge the Xbox Cloud whenever it’s necessary.
Whether the Xbox Handheld console will make it to market or not is a complete mystery, it’s not unheard of for gaming patents to become a reality and it’s quite possible Microsoft finally wants a piece of the handheld gaming cake currently dominated by Nintendo Switch. especially considering it’s releasing the Nintendo Switch Lite and a new Switch model with better battery life.

If you’re interested, there’s a wealth of other Xbox Cloud concepts on the Yanko Design page.

Check out more of the Xbox Handheld console renders over at Yanko Design.

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