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This Week’s New Video Games Coming Out For PS4, Xbox And Switch

new video games coming out persistence vr

If you’ve stumbled across our article listing this week’s new video games coming out then the likelihood is you’re looking for something new to play or you’re just here to see what’s new, either way we’ve got you covered.

This week we’ve got a good mix of games for each platform, from manic mini-games to horror-survival and trains sims, we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone.

Train Sim (Xbox One and PS4)

24th July

Ever wanted to take control of a high-speed train or freight on one of the busiest railways on the globe? Well Train Sim World lets you do just that, and much more. You’ll need to do what it takes to work your way up to the rank of a railway engineer by ensuring trains that carry tons of passengers or freight can get to their destination in a timely efficient manner, and when you’re controlling the rails in New York and London you’ll find that’s not an easy task!

The Persistence VR (PS4)

25th July

Those who have a PSVR will be able to take control in this 1st person survival-horror title, where you are the last of any survivors after everyone else has been murdered by your mutated ex-shipmates. The Persistence has an unusual twist though; each time you die in-game you’ll get the chance to upgrade your stats in order to be a stronger survivor in the next life. What’s interesting is the fact that each life is completely different, each time you return from the afterlife the story will play out following a different path. You’ll need to turn on your stealth kills to really survive, leaning and peaking using the PSVR’s capabilities will be key in getting anywhere near to surviving this game.

WarioWare Gold (3DS)

27th July

Switch owners are in for a great release this week, WarioWare Gold follows in the footsteps of the previous WarioWare titles by offering wacky mini games that you’ll need to react quickly to in order to progress through the game. There’s over 300 microgames where you’ll need to smash, touch, and twist to succeed with the team of memorable characters you’ll remember from the series.

No Man’s Sky (Xbox One)

27th July

Until this week, No Man’s Sky was only available to players on PS4, now though following its success as a PS4 exclusive the team behind the game have decided to bring the story to Xbox One for players to enjoy. You’ll reside in an infinite universe filled with stars and planets of which you’ll be able to visit each and every one. Strange creatures reside amongst these planets filled with life, and you’ll have to upgrade your ship, weapons and suits in order to defeat fierce pirates that prevent you from discovering the cosmos.

Go Vacation (Switch)

27th July

Previously released for the Wii, Go Vacation is coming to Switch to bring players to take a vacation on the island of Kawaii. On the island you’ll be able to travel by horseback or by buggy to enjoy over 50 co-op activities, explore solo or together with friends. You can customize everything from your character to your vehicle, and after completing various activities you might even get enough pieces to buy your own villa and add in over 450 different furnishings. Set across 4 different resorts and allowing you to compete against up to 4 friends that can show up anytime, you’ll want to trek each and every corner of the island to experience the fun of every activity.

Next week’s new video games coming out

We’ll be letting you know first which new video games coming out each week are, so make sure to keep your eyes on our home page where the games list will be announced first.

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