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Xbox Live Games With Gold – June 2017

watch dogs legion teaser

Your Xbox Live Games with Gold June update has finally hit Star struck Gaming, and in comparison to last month, you can decide if you prefer the line-up or if there’s something else you’d have wanted to see.

In the run up to E3 2017 we think Microsoft are keeping things a little low key in terms of the wow factors for Games With Gold (although we could be wrong), I’m sure we’re not alone in the anticipation of hearing some Scorpio news!

Watch Dogs A welcome Games With Gold Update – June 16th-July 15th

If you were a big groupie of the GTA franchise then this one may just be the game that hits that virtual sweet spot. If you’re yet to delve into the story of Watch Dogs here’s a little taster.

In the third person shooter you take on the role of Aiden Pearce, an ex thug and sophisticated hacker who is out to seek revenge on those who involved his family in a tragedy. You manipulate on control several aspects of the city’s CTOS network by hacking cars, traffic lights, security enforced doors and even tap into the phones of your foes.

We’ve played Watch Dogs 2, so this one is a welcome download.

Dragon Age: Origins – June 16th-30th

Acting as a Grey Warden as the last of a legendary league of guardians, a long and feared enemy has returned to an ancient world that is in the middle of a civil war. You have been selected to eliminate the archdemon from the lands and restore peace once and for all.

You have the option to create a unique image or select a fantasy based character to slay huge creatures in the thick of dangerous combat, and the choices you make throughout the game heavily impact the journey you take as you progress.

Assassin’s Creed III – June 1st-15th

After the second game in the franchise was released, this title was in development by Ubisoft for over three years to ensure a truly immersive gameplay experience. In a time of a civil war in 1775, you take on the task of restoring order as a Native American Assassin to protect the people and land where your roots run deep. Featuring a host of new weapons from bows and tomahawks to cleverly concealed blades.

Speedrunners – June 1st-30th

If you’re into your platformers then this is one for you. Boasting a 4-player competitive gameplay styles with fully interactive environments, combining grappling hooks with nifty power-ups  – you’ll be able to swing, run, jump, fire projectiles to grapple onto others and kick them off the screen.

Phantom Dust DLC – June 1st-30th

This game was originally released on the Xbox and has been brought onto Xbox One with full Xbox Live integration, although the game visually matches those of it’s era, the gameplay is still just as compelling as the games around today.

The game offers a mix of third person arena based combat with a collectable card type play style. There are over 300 cards to collect which in turn reveal an array of powers which can then be used in combat to defeat stronger enemies.

The game boasts 15 hours of gameplay in the solo campaign, but you also have the option of jumping online with up to 4 players.

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