Sea Of Thieves Shores Of Gold Trailer Reveals New Massive Story Mode


Next week is going to mark the start of some big changes as part of a Sea of Thieves anniversary update. We’ve seen several DLCs launch since the game dropped onto Xbox One and PC last year, with the latest addition being called the Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold update.

When we’ll see the Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold update

Luckily for ye’ Pirates out there, there isn’t long to wait as the Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold update is coming next week, completely free for all Sea of thieves players on April 30th.

Here’s what’s new in Shores of Gold

Rare reckons this is the most significant update to release since the game launched last year, providing players with the gold-digging, skeleton-crushing, treasure-stealing adventures that they really should of had from the very start. Better late then never though right?

A recently released trailer shows the biggest part of the Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold update, which is that of the Tall Tales story quests.


Along with some pretty special gameplay mechanics there’ll be real actors on hand to voice characters, puzzles that rely on orchestrating music to some truly unique elements like some interactive set-pieces. In the very beginning chapter of the nine available, there’ll be a quest which see’s crews delving into a chamber filled with traps which scream death, in a hunt for a mythical ancient artefact. You’ll see this first chapter appear in the trailer shown below, with the duration of the trailer tooting bosses, new locations and characters, in addition to quests you can be sure will appear as part of the update.

If you’ve already heard of the PvP Arena mode, then this story quest addition is only going to tie in with that for the better. In a nutshell the Shores of Gold story mode will see pirates in crews of four sailing to an island shrouded in mystery known as the Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold. There’ll be a wealth of nine chapters for players to get theior teeth into, which will be a breath of fresh air for current players.

In other news surrounding the Sea of Thieves anniversary update, there’ll be some other features that pop up in next week’s update which include combat direct from your ship, the new Arena mode, in addition to the introduction of harpooning and fishing from the Hunter’s Call Trading Company. You can check out all the teasers that appear within the trailers within this article.

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