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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Leak Comes Just Days Before Launch

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak-cover

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak

With the game launching in just four days time (Friday 26th) a Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay leak has already emerged.

What’s happened?

Although the launch of Red Dead 2 hasn’t been the tightest in terms of discretion, a mere four days before the game is due to released a Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak has appeared on the internet. I’d advise not spoiling any fun, but it’s your choice to view of course!

The clip is a mere 23 seconds in length, so not very much to it at all in reality, but of course there’s already a Reddit post in place where gamers have taken to express their views.

Didn’t fancy watching, you haven’t missed much

In short (much like the clip), the leak isn’t showing anything too spectacular. Arthur Morgan (a playable character) shows up to a campsite, gives his horse a pat on the back, gets down and take down a few what we assume are bad guys.

Fans of the original Red Dead Redemption will of course recognise the same style wanted system, a similar kind of mini-map as well as the same type of weapons menu to align with the original title.

A new addition that we’re seeing is the kill cam which appears in slow motion, premium cigarettes which are obtainable using a cigarette card (which is classed as a collectable), along with some additional horse accessories.

We can see from the clip that there are some icons shown on the mini-map which can’t be completely identified, and pressing the L2 button to ”Lawman”

Although we have seen a Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay Leak, it’s worth noting this is the first that we’ve actually seen. This is fairly surprising when you consider the launch is this Friday and there are many players who already have their copies in-hand.

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