A Rare With Great Power Trophy Is Hidden In Spider-Man PS4 – Here It Is

with great power trophy spiderman ps4

If you’ve already been swinging between buildings in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 then you’ll be more than familiar with ho easy most trophies are to obtain. What you may not know though is that there’s currently a fairly rare With Great Power trophy that is quite easy to nearth if you know where to look.

With Great Power trophy hunter to grave digger

Are you one of the special breed of gamers that gets true satisfaction in completing a game 100%? No I’m not talking about finishing side missions and finding collectables, I mean uncovering secrets and completing certain actions to pop achievements or trophies.

The majority of trophies are unlocking as we progress through Marvel’s Spider-Man naturally, but at least one in particular; the With Great Power trophy relies on you going to a specific location.

We see plenty of Aunt May throughout the game, but we only see the odd picture of Uncle Ben who was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the movies. Question is, where is he buried?

This is exactly what you’ve got to find in order to unlock the ‘With Great Power’ trophy, fortunately we’ve taken out the hard work to show exactly where you can pay your respects.

As shown in the above images, you’ll have to travel to the furthest north area of the city map where you’ll come to a graveyard. The Harlem district to be specific.

In the middle of the cemetery is where you’ll want to head to find the 8 year old tomb that Uncle Ben resides in. Once you find it you will need to press triangle to interact where Peter will have a brief conversation with his deceased uncle.

Insomniac obviously wanted to ensure the long deceased Uncle Ben wasn’t totally forgotten about, and once you interact with the grave you’ll see a trophy ping –  You’ve just unlocked the With Great Power trophy.


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