Division 2 specialisations unlock guide


After reading this article on the Division 2 specialisations unlock requirements you’ll have a better idea of why they become such a massive part of the Division 2 endgame content. Once you meet the steps required you’ll be introduced to a new system that uses classes you wouldn’t see beforehand. If you thought your loadout was hefty and packed a punch, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Division 2 specialisations unlock explained

Before you can even think about the Division 2 specialisations unlock happening you’ll need to polish off all of the main missions throughout the story, if you’ve already done that then carry on scrolling.

You really won’t struggle to get the Division 2 specialisations unlock if you’ve done all main missions, it’s fairly straightforward but it’s quite time consuming.

If you hit the two requirements specified below then you’ll meet the Division 2 specialisations unlock steps.

First up you’ll need to finish all of the main missions through the story, that includes all of the stronghold missions – you’ll know you’re done as it’s when the Black Tusk invade the city, at which point endgame will be where your agent is at.

The second requirement is to hit level 30, and it goes without saying that if you’ve done all the strongholds that you needed to be level 30 for the final one, so you’ll already have met this one!

After you’ve ensured you’ve completed both simple steps above you’ll want to head back to your base of operations at the White House, at which point you’ll be summoned by Coop Dennison. Now you’ll have the option to choose your preference between three different specialisations which include Survivalist, Sharpshooter or a Demolitionist. All of the three classes will own their own stats, meaning different strong points in addition to lower stats for other attributes. Select your specialisation preference and crack on with unlocking those skills. Should you not be happy with the class you’ve chosen, you have the ability to change it whenever you want.

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