Among Us Tips for Imposter and Crewmate

By Zorez Shahzad
Among Us characters posing in space

Among Us is one of the most popular games right now as it is currently being enjoyed by around 3 million active players. This game got released back in 2018, but it got popular only recently. Among Us seems quite simple and easy from afar; however, being a social deduction game, this game can be very complex when you are playing with the right people.

As an impostor, you need to kill everyone without getting busted, and as a crewmate, you need to figure out who the killer is as soon as possible. Today, I am going to give you some Among Us tips and tricks that will help you become a better player.


Among Us Imposter killing other character

  • As the impostor, you should never kill anyone without thinking. You should always keep an eye on your surroundings and your targets so that no one is able to figure out that you are the killer. If you kill someone without thinking, then another player could walk in as you are doing it.
  • Always try to create an alibi for yourself. You need to stick with the other players and fake as many tasks as possible to make them believe you. This way, there will always be someone vouching for you!
  • Play as a team with the other impostor! If you have a fellow impostor with you, then try to clear them as often as you can and use them for your alibi as well. If you don’t cooperate with your teammate, then you guys will easily get discovered.
  • Vents are your best friend! Don’t just run away after killing someone as any other player could see you coming out of the room in which you killed a crewmate. You should always try venting from one place to another in order to avoid suspicion.
  • You should not sabotage in front of other players as you will have to stand still in order to do it, and this can make you a suspect. This tip is only useful for mobile players as you can walk around and sabotage at the same time on PC.


Among Us crewmates standing in a room

  • Do your tasks! Seriously, this is the most important thing. Even after you get killed by the impostor, you need to do your tasks if you want to win.
  • Always keep an eye on all the other players. Don’t trust anyone in the game as the impostor could be walking right beside you. Try to keep in mind which player was tagging along with which other players before the meeting was called.
  • Try to stick together as often as possible. Yes, the tasks are very important, but you should go and do them as a group as often as possible in order to avoid getting killed.
  • Don’t vote too fast! Give every player a chance to defend themself before you decide to eject them from the ship. If you vote too fast, then you won’t have any innocent teammates left.

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