Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide

Are you a budding animal crossing investor? Don’t know what I mean? Well, all will be revealed in our Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll come across turnips in your adventures, these turnips can be a gold mine if you know what to do with them. By buying these turnips and holding onto them until their demand goes up, you can find yourself selling them for much more than you originally bought them for.

You can only buy the turnips on a Sunday and you’ll only have a week to sell them. Every day the Nook Nephews offer a new price for you, so you’ll find yourself in the situation “Do I sell them now or wait to see if the price goes up tomorrow?”. That’s an issue because obviously you don’t know whether you are being offered the best offer of the week or not. So as you can tell, it’s rather a gamblers game than a strategists game.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there’s a new inhabitant you may come across, Daisy Mae. This is the NPC you buy the turnips from every Sunday. She took over Sow Joan’s Stalk Market from her grandmother and is rightly named if you’re a fan of puns.

Make sure you’re up and at ‘em because she’s only around from 5 AM to 12 AM.

Bear in mind that you can only buy turnips in groups of ten, also bear in mind that you should note down the buying price so you can compare it to the selling prices down the line.

If you don’t sell the turnips by the following Sunday, they will rot and become completely worthless. You should keep in mind that by holding onto the rotten turnips, you will attract bugs, all of which you can use to complete your bugs list.

Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide: How To Sell Turnips 

This is the most important part of our Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide. Turnips can only be sold on the weekdays and Saturday, not Sunday. Head over to Nooks Cranny and ask “Turnip Prices?”, he will then tell you his prices for today.

After this, you must compare today’s price to the buying price that you noted earlier. If the selling price is greater than the buying price then you will make a profit, the question is, is this the most profit you could possibly make this week?

Be sure to ask your friends about their selling prices in their world, you can take advantage of this to make yourself some money. Be sure to sell your turnips on Saturday if you haven’t already, better to make some money than having rotten turnips in your pockets.

Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips guide: What About Turnip Storage? 

Nope… turnips cannot be put into home storage at all. This is most likely so you don’t put them away and forget about them but on the other hand, you’ll find yourself with a big fat stack of turnips in your pocket.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. You can drop turnips around your home and come back to them later when you need them. This saves space in your somewhat limited inventory.

Finally, you sneaky snakes out there might be wondering if you can plant turnips and make a large profit that way. The answer is, nope… That would be far too easy.

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