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Apex Legends NPCs Could Be Coming – Dataminers Unearth Game Files


It looks as though we could be seeing a few new Apex Legends additions which include a night mode, new weapons, and Apex legends NPCs. The news comes following evidence that data miners have dug into the game’s most recent update and unearthed the game files to support this.

This instance of leak isn’t too dissimilar to that of when the Havoc rifle emerged through data miners routing around in the Apex game files. Not only have the Apex Legends NPCs been found, but the ApexLeaks Twitter page also shows details of a flamethrower and remote turret. We don’t have anything confirmed as to whether these weapons will be Legend specific, but there’s always a possibility they could be utilised by Wattson or Octane – the recently rumoured Legends.

Apex Legends remote turret

Thanks to Dexerto for the info, here’s the details on the remote turret.

Apex Legends Night mode code

Apex Legends NPCs

Out of everything the Apex legends NPCs code is what seems the most interesting, with a wealth of what, how, and where questions the NPCs Tweet that follows really leaves us guessing. Prowler, Spider and Goliath are some of the names mentioned – these appear to be what the NPcs will be called.

It’s tiring to have to say it, but as usual with any leak – take it as a pinch of salt. Respawn hasn’t yet confirmed anything of what’s been uncovered, but I’m sure it won’t be long until something pops up.

While you sit very tight and wait for Respawn’s official apex legends NPCs announcement, why not check out our Apex legends wiki guide which contains guides on the best Apex legends weapons, how to fix Apex legends crashes, info on all the current Apex legends classes and much much more right now.


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