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Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak teases Battle Pass and Flying dragons


The guys over at Apex HQ won’t be happy with a leak appearing ahead of the Season 2 launch next week. As discussed at E3 2019 next Tuesday July 2nd will see the official launch of Season 2 but thanks to a new host of sources we have not just one apex legends season 2 trailer leak, but two!

Earlier today the Apex Legends YouTube channel released an Animated trailer which showed off what to expect from the Battle Charge season, and then soon after we saw another Apex Legends season 2 trailer leak which came in the from of an official launch trailer.

Redditor ChangeThisXBL discovered the latter of the trailers and another Redditor under the alias of Jacky made sure it went live on YouTube. It has to be said the the official launch trailer looks much tastier than the animated video shared from Apex Legends official channel, it’s more meaty and full of info so we’ve diverted our attention to that one for this article.

Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak breakdown

When we look at the latter Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak the first feature that’s evident is the changes to the current map. In a nutshell the Battle Charge map has seen everything blown to pieces with the area now being swarmed with dragons. The main areas that have taken a beating are the Repulsor Tower and the cascades, but the entire King’s Canyon map has seen some sort of change, using the river having a new base as an example. As for the dragons we mentioned, they’re either sitting on top of structures or confined into cages. You’ll recall what was along the borders of the maps, yeah the dragons now have the striders alongside them.

In addition to the map changes found in the apex legends season 2 trailer leak we are given a snippet of what the Season 2 Battle Pass is going to look like; additional challenges and ranks are set to be added with the weapons and character skins being given a makeover. Of course there’s also the addition of Wattson in addition to a new weapon we’ll know as the L-Star that we can take advantage of.

To round off, the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak gives us an insight into the Mozambique hop-up as well with a 1:50 jump, meaning we may finally get to use the shotgun that now seems like a distant memory.

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