Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses – purely decorative having no real use!


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is readily available to download for both Android and iOS users, and if you’ve been in the dark with this one, it’s essentially Pokemon Go in the Hogwarts world. After getting to grips with the game it’s become apparent that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses (that’s Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin for the newbies) have no real impact on how the game unfold – sad I know…

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses clearly aren’t getting the attention or the importance that they bear in the Harry Potter movies, as no matter which you select in game it’s pretty much just a cosmetic feature as opposed to choosing the right house.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses – a tad disappointing at the very least

If you’re wanting a game that’ll let you cast a Stupefy spell for Ravenclaw, sneaking past Fluffy as Gryffindor, conjuring potions for Hufflepuff or taking a darker path as Slytherin then unfortunately the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses aren’t going to work like that.

When asked about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite houses Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Exec Director Mary Casey states “it was really important for us to make sure players could all play together … all of those people come from different houses, and it was not an expectation that we’d ask for people to change house as it’s such an intrinsic part of you and your personality. So currently Houses are really geared around mainly cosmetic changes etc, and we’re really leaning into your uniqueness and your specialness in your professions. And that really allows everyone to come together and play together and be cooperative.”

Harry Potter Wizards Unite was due for release on June 21st, but players have found that it’s already available to download right now (June 20th). Although the Harry Potter Wizards Unite houses won’t have any in-game effect, players do have the choice of three different classes; Professor, Magizoologist and Auror (known as Professions). Each of the classes will have their individual skill matrix’, so at least there’s that.

With the Harry Potter Wizards Unite houses feature not being so great, it looks like the alternative to proving your fan devotion is buy sticking with the Harry Potter socks and memorabilia, or maybe thinking about a visit the Harry Potter World!

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