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If you were one of the first Kingdom Hearts 3 adopters the likelihood is you’ve polished off the main story by now. With boss battle after boss battle it had us wondering when the game would actually end, and when it did you may have tried to make sense of what you’d witnessed. Once you’d pieced that together we bet you never knew there was a Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending to feast your eyes on! What we will say is if the standard Kingdom Hearts 3 ending left you baffled with the various events that went on, then the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending is going to leave you even more confused. We’ve not described exactly what happens in the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending, but rather just explained that’s it’s called ”Yozora” and put this guide together so you can see it for yourself.

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending guide – how to unlock Yozora

To begin with you will need to track down all 90 lucky emblems in order to meet the first requirement for this. As a reminder the lucky emblems are the Mickey Mouse shaped silhouettes you need to photograph throughout the game. We’ve placed a video below which covers all of the lucky emblems that are located in Olympus to start you off, of course you’ll need to ensure you find all emblems within every location. The locations you collect lucky emblems in include everywhere that follows Olympus up to Fransokyo.

The higher difficulties mean less emblems

Did you start your game on beginner mode? If so that’ll mean you need to find and collect all 90 emblems. If you went for Normal mode this number will be lower than the 90 at just 60, and finally for those hardcore Kingdom Hearts slayers who play on Proud mode it’ll mean even less at 30. This was communicated during an interview with Famitsu where Tetsuya Nomura (Director) confirmed the news.

Tick every lucky emblem off the list and Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending will be in plain sight, by this we mean a prompt will appear essentially congratulating you on meeting the requirements to unlock the ending.

How to watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

In order to actually watch the Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending make your way to the Theatre option located in the game’s main menu. Once you select the Theatre option scroll down the list and you’ll see the standard ending, with the new Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending listed just below. Select this and within that option you’ll drill down further to see ‘Yozora’ which has a duration of a few minutes in length. There’ll be some appearances from some well-known characters as well as some new faces.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending is certainly worth taking a look at if you’ve got the determination to collect the required lucky emblems, and you may just find preference to what unfolds in the standard ending.

If you cannot stomach collecting all the emblems, here’s the ending for your viewing pleasure.

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