Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips And Tricks

Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks

Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks

With such a massive anticipation to its Square Enix‘ release, it’s no surprise to the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be a game that keeps you going for a good while. We’ve put together this Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks wiki to help your journey run a little smoother.

Moogle Shops

Firstly, as you begin your journey you’ll need to choose a difficulty. If, like most of us you’ve decided to go via Beginner or Normal setting then you can start off by ignoring the Moogle shop.

When things get a little trickier along the way you can stock up on consumables, but to begin with you’ll likely get enough potions etc naturally.

When you do utilise the shop items, the Tent is going to be fairly helpful. The all-on-one healer restores health in addition to magic and focus bars. The only downside to tents is that you’ll only be able to make use of them when you’re not in a fight.

Bear in mind that you not only want to focus on upgrading Sora’s inventory, but Donald and goofy’s are equally important. As well as naturally picking up items, the Moogle Shop will also have a greater supply as you progress. Select the Moogle Workshop and this will synthesise any items that you’ve picked up on the way, which helps to upgrade your Keyblade.

Choices, Choices

After you begin the game you will have to make a choice both Desire and Power, it’s normal to just jump in and select which appeals to you the most, but if you require help choosing based on stats we’ve got a guide which covers this (in progress).

Controls, Combat and Cutscenes

Formchanges and Special Attacks will prove really useful in battles, you can switch between these using L2 on PS4 and the Left Bumper on Xbox One.
Attractions such as the Tea Cups or pirate Ship can be controlled using the Left Analogue stick, each with different abilities you can use to attack Heartless and other enemies.

It’s going to prove highly useful if you setup your shortcuts for use. You could assign Magic attacks within the shortcuts for example which is going to prove much easier if you have shortcuts assigned. To cycle through you just need to use Up or Down on the D-Pad.

Next up on our Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks is Links, Similar to Magic shortcuts you can assign these the same way. Along with helping you in battle a Link use will also fully restore your health – helpful if you’re almost depleted in life.

After your Keyblade has gone through a Formchange step you will be able perform a devastating finishing move which will deal a good amount of damage to the recipient. In order to use this finisher you will have a set amount of time to smash Y or Triangle to use it.

It’s no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a hefty amount of cutscenes throughout the game. If you’re bored of seeing a clip every time you carry out a special move you can head over to the config menu and switch the cinematics options off. For attraction and link cinematic scenes, these can easily skipped by pressing either X or Square.

Did you know the your Cure spell depletes your entire MP gauge? If possible try and use a potion if available and use your Thunder or Water spells first.

Cooking, Cannons and Collectables

Once you finish off Twilight town you will be able to check out Scrooge’s kitchen to cook some dishes. Ingredients you’ve collected will be lost if you attempt a Mini-game and fail, so ensure your first practices are with ingredients you have plenty of.

If you’ve already embarked on your first world -world visit then you will have taken the Gummi Ship for a spin. Ensure when you’re getting creative with your ship that you have a minimum of one cannon equipped. As you scour the World Map you will come across Munny Boxes and Treasure spheres, if you find one of these make sure ti interact as necessary.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is full of things to collect, you can collect as you go but with so much else to do you may wish to return after you finish each story. the special Flan for example will provide some fun challenges in addition to side-missions.

The last item on our Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks are the Hidden Mickeys which are known as Lucky Emblems. If you’re finding these yourself then Donald or Goofy will usually hint when one is nearby. You’ll encounter your first in Twilight Town, but following this you’ll need to rely on your team for help. They aren’t always easy to find.

If you need further help than our Kingdom Hearts 3 tips and tricks guide, we’ve got plenty of other helpful how-to’s in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide.

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