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Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working? Here’s how to get it running

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This week we saw the release of one of the newest features for Pokemon Go, which is called Pokemon Go Adventure Sync: Nearby. Not too different to the way that Pokemon Go tracks eggs and when you walk around with your Pokemon Buddy, the new feature uses GPS technology. This awesome new addition is a game-changer for catching, as it actually flags up on-screen the show you Pokemon you haven’t caught yet. Several reports have come in to show Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working for many users. This guide is here to help you fix it.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working? Let’s fix it!

The player base for Pokemon Go have rightfully been pretty excited about the new feature, but with Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working players have taken to social media and the Go forums to vent their frustration.

The fix for Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working should be fairly easy to resolve in less than a minute. The issue seems to be permissions related as the feature requires a permission that you may not have needed to activate previously. Regardless of which operating system you use, you’re going to need to ensure the permissions are granted to be able to use Adventure Sync. Head over to Pokemon Go, open up the in-game settings and tap Adventure Sync. Next up you’ll need to select the ‘enable Adventure Sync’ option which will return a prompt stating “Adventure Sync can find nearby new Pokemon even while Pokemon GO is closed!” Now select whether you want to turn it on or try the feature later from the options on-screen.


What does Pokemon Go: Adventure Sync do?

If you’re here you probably already know the answer to this, but for those who are unsure, here it is. Once Adventure Sync is active and working it’ll begin tracking your steps, and it works regardless of the game state. In other words make sure yo reopen it again if you’ve completely shut down your phone, otherwise, it’ll be running in the background to track those miles.

Aside from reports of Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working there have been a lot of players saying the first Pokemon they encounter once the new feature is activated is a silhouette of a Chansey. If you’ve been playing for a while you’ll know that spawn rates of Chansey are on the low side, so if that’s anything to go by players could be completing their Pokedex a little faster than they’d realised.

At the time of writing the Pokemon Go: |Adventure Sync feature is only available in play-testing for those in New Zealand and Australia. If you’re anywhere else on the globe then the option won’t be available just yet.

When does Pokemon Go: Adventure Sync release?

Fortunately, for the rest of us, we only have to wait until next month until the new feature becomes available. This will coincide with the Pokemon Go Gen 5 release.

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