Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough part 1

Welcome to Star Struck Gaming’s Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough part 1. Our guide will follow Leon’s Raccoon City nightmare, but it’s worth noting Claire’s playthrough only differs slightly to that of Leon’s path. We will highlight all weapons, collectables and items as we journey through. Gas Station is the very first playable part of the game which is referred to as the prologue.Whether you select Claire or Leon, both characters will begin their venture in the Raccoon City slums, in a Gas Station that appears to be deadly silent. As soon as sounds begin to cry out from the inside, you’ll generally have no choice but to investigate. Now is a good time to get your head around aspects such as running and look around prior to moving forward.

Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough part 1 – Check out the store

You’ll first find that the door is locked just ahead of the front desk, and everything else seems reasonably empty.

If you make your way around to the left there’ll be a guy slumped in the ground smeared in what appears to be his own blood. The man directs you behind the cooler where you’ll discover a door – this is where the action appears to be happening. As soon as you open and go through the door it’ll immediately shut after you, and you’ve no choice but to make your way further into the area.

It’s pretty much inevitable that the police officer inside the room is going to face a gruesome death, this is your time to take out your first zombie.Your primary weapon playing as Leon is a Handgun called Matilda, and your time to shine is now. Aim towards the mutant’s head and unload three bullets, bearing enough to polish him off. There’s only one point of exit now with the cooler door being closed up.

Make your way past the downed zombie’s corpse and you’ll encounter a narrow passage which resides near a desk past some shelves. The wall nearby has several posters and amongst this is where you’ll be able to pickup a key. Open your inventory and examine the key to find that it’s actually the Storage room key.

Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough part 1 – Escape From the Store

The zombie back near the left hand door is likely to rise up and try to bite into you, three headshots clearly aren’t enough to take one down. Pop some more shots into its head or try and dash past it before he’s able to get up again.

Make your way back to the Gas station main room using the Storage room Key, at which point you’ll find the dude has now turned zombie that was near the cooler.

A zombie near the front checkout will bash into a shelf before toppling over – make a run behind the aisle at this point as the alternative route will likely mean a zombie biting into you. To conserve your bullets pop a headshot into the zombie to give yourself some time, and then spin round to the front too quickly to avoid yet another zombie behind the shelving.

After you bash through the front door Claire and Leon will have their first proper encounter, they’ll then narrowly escape the Gas station terrors to head into the city.That concludes our Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough part 1, get ready to move onto the Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough part 2 – Raccoon City Police Station.
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