Spider-Man Homecoming The VR Experience Review

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If the idea of taking the role as Peter Parker and then becoming Spider-Man in a VR experience doesn’t excite you, then stop reading here.

On the other hand, if Spiderman VR sounds like your idea of geek heaven, then read on.

Pump the brakes for a second

Before you get excited (like I did), you need to know one things – this is only a demo version and from start to finish there’s less than an hours gameplay. It still gives you a feel for what’s to come though and I’d advise any PSVR owner to give this a try.

Suit Up

At the very start of the VR experience you’ll see Peter Parker’s hands in front of you (while you’re holding the move controllers), and Karen/Suit Lady will give you guidance along the way – starting with opening a briefcase where you’ll be prompted to grab Spidey’s mask and put it on your face.

For those of you who haven’t played Batman Arkham VR, this is a very similar schematic where you’ll then see a mirror reflection of yourself as Spider-Man – which is pretty damn cool.

Once you’re all suited up you’ll see your hands change to wearing the familiar red gloves that come as part of the Spidey suit package.

Web Shooters

Once you are suited up you’ll be ready to get going with what the experience has in store. fortunately one of those tasks involves taking Peter’s awesome web shooter for a trial run. You’ll use around 3 different shooter types throughout the demo, but it gives us a good feel for what VR can actually achieve.

You’ll start out by using your Web Shooter to take down a number of glass bottles,. You can shoot balloons, and then you’ll need to use the Web Sling in order to pull down objects and bring environment objects towards you.

Much like Arkham VR uses the Grapple Gun to move from place to place, Spider-Man VR uses the Web Shooter to string Spidey up to a crane and even a helicopter.


We want more!

I have to say that after playing through this fairly short demo, it left me wanting to play much more of the game.

Like most who have already experienced it, it left me wondering if the devs will be making this into a full-length game or just leaving it as a little bit of a teaser into the power of the PSVR.

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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