The Division 2 Echo Experience – Ubisoft’s Mobile AR App Is Looking Epic

The Division 2 Echo Experience

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 Echo Experience allows players to delve much deeper into what the world of The Division 2 has on offer, combing a bot for Facebook Messenger, an AR engine, in addition to some pretty sophisticated Geolocation technology to create a 360 degree mobile-only experience.

The Division 2 Echo Experience – just announced

Ubisoft took the limelight to wow and excite fans of The Division franchise to show off The Division 2 Echo Experience, using the constantly evolving augmented reality technology combined with GPS it aims to bring players an immersive digital experience. Ubisoft have collaborated with Make Me Pulse and DDB Paris to bring the experience to life.To coincide with the launch of The Division 2 later this month, Ubisoft have made the game readily available to players in Europe, the Middle East and Asia right now through Facebook Messenger via this link.

Players will be able to access the game via Facebook Messenger using an app elusively designed to collab with Messenger. Fans of The Division 2 will be able to delve deeper into what the game has to offer, and this includes in excess of fifty stories. The game follows seven months after the New York City virus outbreak occurred, following the everyday lives of the Washington D.C. civilians. A wide-range of interest points such as schools, gas stations, grocery stores and even banks can be located throughout the locations in the various The Division 2 Echo Experience cities. Due to the integrated GPS feature, players will be provided their in-game coordinates.

Exclusive rewards and in-game unlockable content will be obtained as different tasks of the Echo stories are completed – content will be readily available via the Ubisoft Club when The Division 2 launches this month.

Are you looking forward to playing The Division 2? Why not get started with The Division 2 Echo Experience until it launches!?

The Division 2 will be available via the Epic Store instead of Steam on March 15th.

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