Two Point Hospital tips and tricks

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks

For you budding virtual doctors out there, we’ve got a list of the most beneficial Two Point Hospital tips and tricks for the most successful hospital career. 

If you just happen to be starting out in Two Point Hospital with only a few tips under your belt the game can be rather stressful, making money can also be a pain, but we’ll make sure you’re well equipped to keep profiting, keeping your hospital well and alive, and hopefully keep your patients alive too. Two Point Hospital features a rather in-depth management system. You’ll find yourself having to balance profits, employ workers, build the actual hospital itself whilst also ensuring your patients don’t just casually die. Usually, when people start playing, they build their hospital with no proper planning, then shortly find that their hospital has become a chaotic mess of debt, dead patients and overcrowding. That’s where we step in. Get ready, and take notes as we run through useful beginner tips for all platforms; Xbox, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Don’t Rush Your Building!

First things first. Don’t load in and instantly try and build everything that you can, start off with the essentials. Start with a reception, toilets, pharmacy and GP office. These are all the buildings you need at the beginning. After you should quickly hire an assistant, a doctor (obviously!), a Janitor and a nurse. Once you have all these things down then your hospital will be functional enough to bring in some steady income. Just relax for a while and don’t think about hiring anyone else until you have a bit of money saved up.

Also, we highly recommend that you don’t buy any expansions yet. They’re simply not needed in the slightest at such an early stage, spend your money on other more useful things that will bring in income. Buying these expansions will eventually come in handy in the future when you actually need the space, but right now you should make the most of the space you have right now.

Don’t make Large rooms!

When you place down buildings, build them at their smallest possible size available. Building them large will only use up precious space and essentially reduce the efficiency of your hospital as a whole.

Also plan the placement of these buildings amongst each other. You’ll need space in between for corridors, and not thin corridors either because your patients will be bumping into each other at every passing which ultimately isn’t great because they’ll slow down when squeezing past each other.

Don’t worry if you’ve already messed this tip up, you can select the edit option and resize them larger, smaller, or simply move them around.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Complete Career Goals

This might be one of our more obvious Two Point Hospital tips and tricks. You should see a panel in the top right section of your screen. There you’ll find your career goals. These are simple milestones that when reached, they will reward you with money and kudosh points. They also raise the rating of your hospital, unlock items for building and further progress your game in general.

Check Your Inbox

Every so often a challenge will appear in your inbox. These challenges offer reputation as well as generous amounts of kudosh and money which will be mandatory to the development of your hospital. The challenges usually need you to build stuff and employ people, therefore it’s more of an investment, put money in and receive money in return. They also have a limited time in which they can be completed so work quickly!

Do a bit of decorating!

Once you start raking in the kudosh you’ll be able to buy the cool little posters and paintings. You can place these in rooms and increase their prestige and raise hospital attractiveness. We’d recommend getting at least room prestige 2 or 3, this will ensure that you raise the rating of your hospital soon and fast.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Keep a good lookout

Usually, you’ll tend to find little tedious problems brewing just by watching what’s happening in your hospital. For example, should Bill happen to wet himself on the bench outside the pharmacy, this is usually a good indicator that you’re lacking toilets in that area of your hospital. As another example, A group of people are all standing outside a GP room, why should the poor lady with an injured hip have to stand in a line for 15 minutes? Instead, place benches outside the door so patients can come over and take a seat until their turn to enter the room. Two Point Hospital has a little menu in the bottom left of your screen, you can select this and view the status of all your patients, this is where you’ll often discover issues happening around your hospital. 

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Take a breather

If you’re becoming overwhelmed by patients or for whatever reason time is against you, you can pause time. Pausing time completely freezes your hospital. This allows you to look at the current situation in the hospital, check your inbox for any messages, rectify any current ongoing issues and restructure your hospital without the stress of patients and money on your mind. On the contrary, speeding up time is always an option. If everything is fine in your hospital, you have no issues in your hospital or you’re simply sitting around waiting for money, speeding up time allows you to accelerate progress without the boring bit of waiting for money to build up.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Keep an eye on your staff

Sometimes you’ll find that your rooms aren’t fully functional. This might be because you’ve built an array of new rooms yet you didn’t employ the staff necessary to work them, or one of your employees has simply gone for a break with no other staff to cover them. You can usually tell if your rooms aren’t fully staffed because the desks in those rooms will have a red icon above them. The simple solution to this is as follows; For every room you build you’ll need to have two employees, this allows for them to rotate and keep to the room staffed 24/7. If you can’t afford this, then employ 1 extra staff for every two rooms. This should just about cover the rotating but isn’t as efficient in the long run.

Put the right staff in the right places

This is a tip which applies common sense to Two Point Studios hospital builder, although it can sometimes be easy to mess up if you’re not thinking. Make sure you apply the correctly qualified staff to their correct areas. For example; John the janitor should not be placed in the GP room giving a diagnosis to poor young billy with an ear infection. Instead, John should be cleaning the hospital floors. Likewise, you shouldn’t be placing a fully qualified surgeon in a job working the reception. By correctly doing this you should see an improvement in your treatment stats and so forth you should see an improvement in your hospitals’ overall rating.

Make sure your staff are happy

Once again, another staff tip. Staff are 50% of this game so you have to make sure they’re managed properly, this will include keeping them happy. You’ll need to make sure they have a reasonable salary for they’re job. They won’t complain if their salary is too high but they definitely will complain if they make too little money. Make sure you balance this out to keep their overall happiness up. You’ll also need to make sure that they have the necessary equipment to do their job. As a quick sub-tip, don’t forget that you can pick up, drag and drop your staff to wherever you need them to be.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Keep your machinery in working order

By hovering on equipment in your rooms, you can check the status of them and if they need to be serviced by a janitor or not. If they need servicing send over a janitor. You should check them often because if you don’t… Well, they just simply blow up, this will leave a huge mess of fire in that room and halt all progress there. Make sure you install a fire extinguisher in every room as a rule of thumb in order to combat this.

Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: Check Your Hospital stats

The final entry among our Two Point Hospital tips and tricks: the bottom left of the screen shows your hospital overview. This includes your statistics such as; Hygiene, Attractiveness and importantly temperature. If you have a lack of heaters or coolers, you’ll find that every patient loves to pipe up about it. So keep your temperature in check!

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