Xbox Project Scarlett – Microsoft reveals their next-gen console at E3 2019


This evening saw the presentation by Microsoft at E3 2019, which among a great lineup of games contained one very special announcement – the reveal of Xbox Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s new next-gen successor to the Xbox One X.

Much like we learned the Xbox One x was initially named Project Scorpio, the Xbox Project Scarlett is clearly following in those footsteps by keeping the name of the new most powerful console under wraps for the moment.

when will Xbox Project Scarlett release?

Microsoft have kept their cards pretty close to their chests for now, but confirmed that we should see Xbox Project Scarlett making its debut sometime during Holiday 2020. For those in the UK that translates to the end of next year.

Aside from teasing very little about Xbox Project Scarlett, Microsoft made up for this a little by giving us a reveal of one of the first games hitting the next-gen console – Halo Infinite. This is the first time we’ve seen a Halo title being a lunch game on any of Xbox’ consoles since we saw Halo: Combat Evolved released.

The actual specifics for Xbox Project Scarlett are being kept on the down-low for now, but during its press conference Microsoft told us that it’ll be “four times” than its predecessor – the Xbox One x. In addition Xbox head Phil Spencer continued to say the console will be 8K ready and will be able to achieve 120 frames per second thanks to a customised AMD processing chip.

As more details are revealed about Xbox Project Scarlett we’ll be keeping you updated via our Project Scarlett hub. For everything else E3 related check out our E3 2019 hub, or find the other upcoming events in our E3 2019 press conference schedule.

For now though, try and take in all those fresh games that we’ve just seen revealed!

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